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This training gave me knowledge about Leadership

09 October, 2018

On October 4-6, 8 LGBT community members and allies participated in a three-day seminar organized by New Generation Humanitarian NGO.

"This training gave me knowledge about Leadership. Having my experience and getting new skills from the trainer, I gained a lot of knowledge on the examples.

I did not have any information about public speech and thanks to Hmayak Avetisyan,  now I know the secrets of public speaking.

Apart from knowledge, this workshop has become a platform for creating new contacts, acquiring new people and acquiring friends," said Yuliya Hakobyan, a specialist in tourism service, an interpreter, who regularly participates in the trainings organized by the NGNGO.

"I periodically apply to the trainings organized by NGNGO because all the seminars are about current issues, specific issues that need urgent solution, and I participate in the challenge of having contribution to the challenges," says 25-year-old Yuliya, who will apply the knowledge gained during the training in his personal and professional life.

"If necessary, I will tell my friends about the course and the knowledge that I gained," concludes the training participant.

Trainer Hmayak Avetisyan also thinks that all the topics of the training were modern and relevant. "They are all LGBT activists, supporters of equality and advocates, and our goal is to build leadership skills so that they can truly contribute to the development of the LGBT community in the future. Public speaking skills is an important component in any area, and the basis for strategic planning is decision-making. LGBT community often faces the problem of decision-making, so learning about the methods of generating ideas is more than appropriate."

Hmayak values the environment, attitudes more than the content and logistics. This training was not only targeted to topics and skills of participants, but also to create a free and safe space with the efforts and wishes of the participants. The group was distinguished by the kindness, warmth and love for each other.

"They were not only friendly and patient to each other, but also to nature, the Boo Alt House(the place where the participants lived), about the environment. The participants were preparing tea for each other, feeding each other, and covering each other when needed. It was a pleasure to see all this happening.

Within the framework of the three-day training, participants were able to convey public speaking skills, leadership, strategic planning, and organization of public events.

The final part of the training was devoted to project reporting, which was presented by Sergei Gabrielyan, President of "New Generation" Humanitarian NGO.

Participants developed their leadership skills through theoretical material, as well as team and individual games, competitions.

Capacity building and Empowerment of LGBT Representatives on LGBT Activism and Reporting training was organized by New Generation Humanitarian NGO within the framework of the Capacity Building and Empowerment for the Protection of Human Rights of LGBTI  People in Armenia, implemented with the financial support of the Norwegian Helsinki Committee.