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Open call for an expert

15 August, 2019

New Generation Humanitarian NGO announces an open call for an expert to carry out activities aimed at inclusion of the representatives of key populations in the CCM Armenia

Job Start: contractual

Job End: the activities must be finished by 15 September, 2019

Workplace: Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

Position: Expert for carrying out activities aimed at inclusion of the representatives of vulnerable communities in the CCM Armenia․

Expected outcome: Preparation of documents required for inclusion of the representatives of vulnerable communities in the CCM Armenia, as well as protection of interests based thereon․

The goal of the process: inclusion of the representatives of vulnerable communities, particularly MSM and trans people in the CCM

Accountable to: Project Manager (shall be responsible for keeping contact with the international expert)

Beginning of the announcement: 14․08․2019

Deadline for applications: 16.08.2019

To apply for the position please send your work methodology and CV to [email protected] until 16.08.2019

Package of documents to be developed as a result of the cooperation between the local and international experts:

  1. The procedure for inclusion of vulnerable groups in the CCM
  2. Indicative procedure for the supervising body for the purpose of exercising external supervision over the selection process
  3. Development of Google Forms for data compilation, nomination of candidates, voting etc.

Obligations of the expert:

  1. clarify which groups are classified as vulnerable groups in Armenia and introduce the supporting documents;
  • clarify the current situation related to representation of vulnerable groups in CCM Armenia,
  • which groups are represented in the CCM and by who,
  • whether the groups have an official justification for being included in the CCM (whether there are any specific rules, procedures, other documents related thereto) 
  1. compile the normative legal acts for organizing CCM activities – a legislative act, based whereon the CCM operates, as well as the provisions on CCM activities (charter or other document),
  2. clarify and submit the exact current personnel of the CCM, as well as the supporting documents,
  3. collect and submit national legislative documents defining or proposing community inclusion in CCM. Examine and submit the required sections from these documents in Russian or English,
  4. clarify and introduce which organization is responsible for statutory regulation of CCM activities,
  5. evaluate and submit an opinion on the extent to which the CCM is politically prepared for inclusion of vulnerable groups and what informal barriers may arise as a result,
  6. conduct community mapping: What organizations, informal groups are involved in community issues, what community leader/s does the community have?
  7. jointly with the international expert, develop the optimal method and procedure for representing vulnerable groups in the CCM.
  8. introduce what normative legal acts of the Republic of Armenia must be amended in order to make the representation of vulnerable groups in the CCM fully legitimate?
  9.  provide a conclusion on the developed package and whether it is in the best interests of the community,
  10. compare the compliance of the developed documents with the RA legal acts.
  11. maintain communication with the international expert in English or Russian throughout the activities,
  12. other activities that may be required while working jointly with the international expert,
  13. draw up and implement a plan for the protection of interests based on the compiled documents.