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The National Center for AIDS Prevention under the Ministry of Health of Armenia did not provide necessary services to the person pre-diagnosed with HIV

03 March, 2020


On March 3, 2020, the employee of New Generation Humanitarian NGO referred their beneficiary pre-diagnosed with HIV through oral mucosal transudate to the National Center for AIDS Prevention under the Ministry of Health of Armenia (NCAP) for laboratory screening of the beneficiary and the latter’s inclusion in treatment and care services in case the beneficiary’s HIV positive status was confirmed.

Dr. Elena Silka (father’s name Alexandr), doctor-infectiologist at NCAP department of Medical Aid and Service, informed the NGO representative and their beneficiary that the latter could not undergo screening at the moment as the employees of the laboratory diagnosis were out of the office. And as the doctor mentioned, we have to wait until the laboratory department resumes their work.

According to Article 19․3 of RA law on Medical Care and Service, the medical workers are obliged to 1) be governed in their actions in the field of healthcare by the interests of the patients…  

Aram Hakobyan, NCAP deputy director, has asserted in one of his interviews that their actions cannot do harm to the treatment of patients.

In particular he has stated:

“We inform that our complaint is done in all legal ways, what refers to the patients’ treatment, the services provided by the National Center for AIDS Prevention, no harm will be caused to them and this all can in no way have impact on our work.”

Despite the assertions of the Center’s deputy director, the activities of the Center have caused harm to the patients, beneficiaries, as in fact the beneficiary has not received the necessary medical service.

We strongly condemn such attitude towards the patients and beneficiaries and demand quick solution to the created situation. This conflict only causes harm to the patients, beneficiaries.

We call on the RA Government and Ministry of Health to urgently take steps towards regulation of this situation.


  • According to N 77-A decision by the RA Government on January 30th, 2020, the National Center for AIDS Prevention SNCO shall be merged into the Nork Infective Clinical Hospital CJSC. Employees of the National Center for AIDS Prevention have expressed their disagreement to the decision and the majority of the Center staff have applied for resignation as a sign of complaint, leaving all the responsibility of the created situation on the Ministry of Healthcare of Armenia.