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04 April, 2020

Provision of public healthcare and access to services as well as Humanitarian support are among the strategic directions of New Generation Humanitarian NGO.

Unfortunately, Armenia, like many other countries in the world, did not refrain from spreading the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and the problems that arose due to it. In recent days, COVID-19 has shown alarming growth, with deaths reported.

Our organization realizes the feeling of being responsible especially for vulnerable groups of the society.

Understanding the importance to provide realistic information about the decease, our organization regularly translates news from reliable sources on a voluntary basis and distributes it by all possible means.

In order to prevent the spread of the infection, the Ministry of Health announced the need to involve volunteers. Our organization distributed the announcement among the employees and volunteers. As a result, more than 20 employees of the organization were registered as social workers and translators to make a voluntary contribution to the fight against COVID-19, and many are already at the forefront of the fight.

Taking into consideration the situation and the call from the RA Government there is an urgent need to provide a support to those in need who are staying in their homes and cannot afford themselves to buy enough food and other necessary stuff.

New Generation Humanitarian NGO launched a fundraising campaign in support to the National Program of Armenia, which aims to help people in need by buying food and other necessities for the elderly and those with special needs. With the money raised, we plan to support about 400 families.

We are hopeful that by united efforts we will be able to overcome the difficult situation.