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Armenian youth in the Bavarian Parliament

15 June, 2019

In the scope of the cooperation between the “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO (NGNGO) and the Bavarian Youth Council (BJR) the group of young people who arrived in Germany on June 10th , 2019 visited the Bavarian Parliament where they met with the PMs and addressed their questions related to the following topiscs:

  • The youth policy in Germany
  • Laws regulation youth work
  • Active participation of youth in political life
  • Municipalities and youth councils
  • Refugees and their problems, etc.

The participants received answers to all their questions. During the meeting, the structures of the Parliament and specification of its activities were also presented including the topic of involvement of women and gender equality policies.

After the meeting the participants were given a chance to have a short tour in the building of the Parliament getting acquainted with its history and structure.

To be continued.