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The presentation of New Generation Humanitarian NGO representative within the framework “Tolerance Academy”

12 September, 2019

From September 1 to 8, 2019, Development of intercultural dialogue and Fighting against intolerance was held at the Tolerance Academy in Munich, Germany and in Seeshaupt, a suburb of Munich.

Youth workers and activists from Germany, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Belarus and Armenia participated in the project.

15 young people from Armenia participated, including lawyers, psychologists, doctors and political scientists.

During the "Tolerance Academy" the participants had the opportunity to:

  • Get acquainted about the creative methods of discrimination work.
  • Participate in different creative master classes (shadow theatre (Yelena Shtuk-Bozhko/Belarus), photography (Yekaterina Ponomarenko/Germany), Creative workshop (Yelena Bondar/Germany), animation (Olesya Shukina/France), plastic theatre (Igor Shugalev/Belarus).
  • Learn about different reasons, types and bases of discrimination and inequality in modern world.
  • Participate in interesting trips and make new friends.

Anahit Mkrtchyan, a lawyer / advocate of New Generation Humanitarian NGO, presented the topic 'Discrimination' to the participants within the framework of TOLERANCE ACADEMY, accompanying them with interactive exercises and watching videos. During the presentation the current legislation and legal obstacles in the field of prevention of discrimination in Armenia were touched upon.

As a reminder, the goals of the project were:

  • Develop tolerance and intercultural dialogue among young people.
  • Develop and adopt methods for intercultural education and the fight against discrimination and inequality.

Development of cooperation between participants from different countries.