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The role of volunteers in responding to HIV 28 December, 2019 On December 10, 2019, a discussion on “The role of volunteers in responding to HIV” was held. The training-discussion was organized by New Generation... Read more
Tender for audit services 27 December, 2019 New Generation Humanitarian NGO invites offers from eligible suppliers for the provision of audit services for 3 projects of the օrganizaton. Read more
World Health Organization (WHO) visited New Generation Humanitarian NGO within the framework of in-country mission on the HIV/AIDS Programme Review in Armenia 21 November, 2019 A team composed of the World Health Organization (WHO) staff from the WHO Headquarters and the WHO Regional Office for Europe, and a selected team of... Read more
LIFE-12 STARTS 05 November, 2019 We are pleased to inform that the LIFE-12 offsite information platform starts. The "New Generation" Humanitarian NGO organizes a two-day offsite meet... Read more
TRAINING SESSIONS AT RA POLICE EDUCATION CENTER CONDUCTED BY NEW GENERATION HUMANITARIAN NGO 30 October, 2019 On October 21, 2019 cooperation was launched between New Generation Humanitarian NGO and RA Police Education Center. In the scope of this cooperation... Read more
BE INFORMED! 14 October, 2019 The Criminal Procedural Code of the Republic of Armenia establishes that upon availability of motives and grounds for the criminal charge, the prosecu... Read more
LIFE - 11 14 October, 2019 On October 11-12, 2019, LIFE-11 offsite Information platform meeting was held within the framework of Right to Health project. This time the informati... Read more
ANNUAL WORKSHOP ON PRIORITIES OF STRATEGIC INFORMATION WAS HELD 14 October, 2019 On October 7-8, 2019, the Annual Workshop on Priorities of Strategic Information was held within the framework of Right to Health project implemented... Read more
CAPACITY BUILDING TRAINING HELD FOR MASS MEDIA REPRESENTATIVES ON HUMAN RIGHTS PROTECTION, IMPARTIAL COVERAGE OF COURT CASES AND OTHER ISSUES 14 October, 2019 3-day capacity building training of mass media representatives in the field of human rights protection, court monitoring, impartial coverage of court... Read more
We and Our Rights 14 October, 2019 On September 23, 2019, a training-discussion was held at "New Generation" Humanitarian NGO office, for LGBT people and allies, within the framework o... Read more
А self-defense training was conducted аt New Generation Humanitarian NGO office 12 October, 2019 On September 10, 2019, at the New Generation Humanitarian NGO office, a self-defense training was conducted by LGBT activist, transgender woman Nora P... Read more
We and Our Rights 12 October, 2019 On October 8, 2019, a new training-discussion on "We and Our Rights" was held at the office of "New Generation" Humanitarian NGO. The training was att... Read more