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ANOUNCEMENT 06 November, 2018 Discrimination in all its grounds has always been observed in the Republic of Armenia, however what happened in the country within the last few months... Read more
URGENT: ORGANIZATION'S STAFF MEMBERS ARE BEING PERSECUTED 02 November, 2018 Dear Colleagues, Hereby we inform you that New Generation Humanitarian NGO temporarily ceases its activity as there have recently been observed cases... Read more
Announcement 13 October, 2018 From the content of the article published on at 07.22 in the morning of October 11, 2018, Aragats Akhoyan, former MP of the RA National As... Read more
Official STATEMENT on LGBT Christians Forum 10 October, 2018 In view of the discussions, discriminatory, defamatory and offensive calls, distorted information on the European Forum for LGBT Christian Groups that... Read more
In response to FB post made by Ara Zohrabyan, Chairman of Chamber of Advocates 19 September, 2018 On September 15, 2018 Ara Zohrabyan, Chairman of Chamber of Advocates of RA again made a post on his Facebook page on the restriction of the rights of... Read more
Statement on 2018 August 14 Incident 15 August, 2018 "New Generation" Humanitarian NGO received information from citizen M. T. on 14.08.2018 that at about 5:00 am near the Beirut Street in Yerevan young... Read more
letter to Valeriy OSIPYAN Head of Police of Armenia 15 August, 2018 "New Generation" Humanitarion NGO urges the RA Police to remove the incident video from the official website. Read more
New Generation Humanitarian NGO condemns the behavior of the RA MP Gevorg Petrosyan 13 August, 2018 Since 06.08.2018, Gevorg Petrosyan, a lawyer and lecturer at YSU Faculty of Law, is particularly active in making hate speech posts on the Facebook pl... Read more
I am very sorry to say that the hate crimes continue in Armenia 04 August, 2018 It was just yesterday that we all were jointly fighting for velvet revolution without differing the fighters by their sex, race, sexual orientation, g... Read more
OPEN LETTER 23 May, 2018 In the recent period, we have received letters from various local, state and international organizations that the "Right Side" Human Rights Defender N... Read more
We demand fair and effective investigation of hate crimes 05 April, 2018 On February 27, 2018 a transgender woman was beaten in her apartment, and then her apartment was set on fire. Consequently, she was hospitalised, fell... Read more
STATEMENT 17 March, 2018 Two RA National Service officers visited the office of “New Generation” Humanitarian NGO on March 12, 2018. During their visit, the officers informed... Read more